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  • G Trim

    G-Trim assists in weight loss by suppression of appetite. 11 times more effective in burning unwanted and unhealthy fat fast, thus giving you a slimmer, toned figure. Fat is transformed into energy thus making you more energetic in your daily lifestyle. G trim ingredients are renowned world over for its remarkable fat burning and weight control benefits. Just one sachets of G trim twice a day 15 minutes before meals help you regain the figure you’ve always dreamed of.


    Gold Jojoba Facial Scrub is designed with microbeads for deep pore wash to help unclog pores. Zifam Gold Jojoba Facial Scrub gently exfoliates, clearing away dead skin cells without tearing the delicate skin underneath. Regular use provides effective deep pore wash, and removes dead skin, dirt and leftover makeup. Zifam Gold Jojoba Facial Scrub is soap free, does not leave any residue, and moisturises the skin.


    The Gold Jojoba Luxury Facial Range is your all in one Solution to a Beautiful, Smooth & Supply Skin. Sri Lanka’s No 1 product from Australia, Gold Jojoba face wash is a burst of natural extracts of Aloe –Vera, Chamomile flower & Vitamin E that keeps your skin looking Bright, Young & Beautiful.


    A complete antioxidant formula containing herbal antioxidants with powerful vitamin antioxidants and other important vitamins and minerals For people with active lifestyle and as a routine supplement to provide around-the-clock protection from free radicals

  • GLA 100

    ALARIS – GLA 100 is a dietary supplement for premenstrual syndromes like breast pain, tension and irritation, stomach aches, menstrual cramps, irritability, headaches and bloating.


    Each tablet contains Milk Calcium complex (Hydroxyapatite) 600 mg equiv to elemental calcium 178 mg Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 50 IU


    GOLD JOJOBA is exceptionally effective in removing dark patches from below the eyes as well as dry skin and wrinkles, nourishes your skin while giving you a soft supple skin with a golden shine. How to use At night before retiring clean the face, twist to snap the head of the applicap and squeeze the contents on clean hand, apply on the face generously. For rejuvenating, nourishing and revitalizing the skin massage well and get desired results.


    SURE SLIM may assist in blocking carbohydrate absorption from the diet, thus preventing additional calorie intake. It will simulate the metabolism and reduce the fat storage allowing you to eat normally and still lose weight.


    TRI BULL is suitable for both male and female to increase desire, improve libido, increase fertility and may treat impotency. TRI BULL is especially designed to assist in enhancing natural production of Testosterone levels, thus improve muscle mass and assist on workouts.